Welcome to the Wound on the World!

This is an original Pathfinder campaign written by Michael Bostwick of Cincinnati, Ohio. September 1st, 2012

The Setting

In the Pathfinder gameworld of Golarion, on the continent of Avistan there lies the Worldwound. At the place where the God, Aroden died, the very planes collided with Golarion, the 666 layers of the Abyss made a wound upon this world, and legions of demons spewed forth to wage an endless war upon mankind. The barbarian lands of Sarokis were forever changed.

The Story

Mankind answered the call to arms and have led now four Holy Crusades against the demonic hordes. From the nations of Mendev and Ustalav thousands of men and women have taken up arms and armor to hold back the demon tide. This is their story, a WAR JOURNAL, if you will.

The Cast

Randy Price – Casiel: an aasimar Cleric of Iomedae (Mendevian Priest Archetype)
Bill Norris – Secundibrach:
Gabe Griggs -

Siege of Solemngate

Shieldbanner2 casiel BigLizard